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This film, called Ektachrome 320T EPJ — the "T" for tungsten lighting, like your old-skool incandescents — is no longer made, and no tungsten light-balanced film this fast is made any longer. My rolls expired in 2005. I had these processed at about the same time, and likewise are recent to my flickr page. Fast films are such because they can capture low light better.

The trade-off with fast films — tungsten- or daylight-balanced — is that they are grainier than slow, daylight films (like my Kodachromes). But I'm one of those photographers who considers graininess a big plus. For one, it allows you to avoid needing a tripod in low light (all the shots in this post were hand-held). It's a quality absent to digital imaging. Try using your digital camera in low light, and you'll get a lot of "noise". With film, it's just grainier. It adds a special dimension I really love.

[Tungsten films, because they have to counteract yellowish incandescent lights (which are soon to go the way of the dodo bird), are "bluer" for that very reason. This means using tungsten film in daylight makes everything look cold and bluish. It was a very popular effect on music videos and professional photography during the 1998-2000 era. Previously, tungsten film was used extensively around 1986-1987 for "night scene" music videos (that's eight separate, distinct links in case you didn't notice), giving it that characteristic appearance of "proper" white light on main subjects illuminated by yellowish incandescents and bluish lights where inherently "whiter" lighting was used.]
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