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You really cannot take this seriously.

The "F" stands for "Huh?"

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Birthdate:Jan 1
Website::: ᐊᖏᕐᕋᒃ
Hee hee hee. Hey listen, have fun with that.

But I do have some other blog-like activity going on. You should probably start that from here or just go bump around on the Twitters.

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24-hour cities, aamir khan, amaretto sour, antipodean pop, aotearoa, arrested development, basmati, bay lower station, beth's café, better off dead, bike couriering, boiled peanuts, bossa nova, braniff airlines, canadian content music policy, canadian studies, christopher walken, clamshell ibook, claudia brücken, convergence con, copywriting, cotija cheese, crawdad gumbo, cricket cola, crumpler, cultural citizenship, cumin, dark red, dead like me, deport richard florida now, digital==imaging!=photography, donnie darko, dosai, due south, edamame, embracing my geekness, erotic city come alive, evening primrose, fairlight cmi, fairmount bagel, flashpoint, frazier chorus, garlic, gattaca, gob and franklin, great space coaster, gryfe's, guacamole, handmade spiced chai, haralson apples, harold and maude, hibiscus tea, holly knight, house industries, hubert kah, ieee 802.20, infrared film, interstellar astronomy, jake gyllenhaal, james spader, jane child, jean-marc pisapia, jeff lynne man perms, kerbey lane cafe, key lime cheesecake, kirsty maccoll, kodachrome, la banquise resto, led clusters, limes, littlemore and steele, lost in translation, lunds, låt-den-rätte-komma-in, makeup art cosmetics, maria's café, mcgill university, meat candy, medium format, meg murry, meteorology, microdisney, midnight sun, minnesota state fair, mock duck, montréal, music archival, musique populaire du québec, mylène farmer, network administration, nikon f4, nocturnal ecosystems, north by northwest, office space, old mentos adverts, onsen, open source, parachute club, paul heaton, paul rand, pentax 645, peter saville, pnau, poutine, powderhorn park, prefab sprout, ray suarez, red box, rhubarb pie, rodinal, sasquatch research, schwartz's deli, sekine, sequential circuits prophet-5, solar eclipses, south indian food, steve mcqueen, street-food-beyond-street-meat, terpsichore, thai sweet tea, the aluminum group, the go-betweens, the hoito, the pirate movie, the sleeping jackson, the spoons, the style council, the thomas crown affair, toffifée, tokyu hands, tracey thorn, trevor horn, ttc, tutoring, typography, university college, university of toronto, urban design, urban exploration, wildflowers, ymo, yoghurt, ztt, ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ, おにぎり, たこやき, ポカリスエット, 坂本龍一, 日本語, 椎名林檎
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