accozzaglia: (colourful little heptagonal star)
2010-10-24 11:42 pm

I need a cigarette, possibly two.

I have no words for how it went, but even with only two encores (we're still too polite), it was too short. Still, being just five metres from him with nothing between him and I — except part of the baby grand — sort of made up for it. Front row is tremendous.

Selected tracks performed:

"Amore" / "Undo #1 / Undo #4" (variations on the same song) [1989]
"Bibō No Aozora / 美貌の青空" (translates to "Beautiful Blue Sky") [1995]
"Aqua" [1996]
"Tango" [1995]
"Tacones Lejanos" (translates to "High Heels," from the Almodovar film of same title) [1992]
"Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence / Forbidden Colours" (variations on the same song) [1983]
"The Last Emperor" [1987]
"Behind the Mask" [1979]
"Thousand Knives" [1978]
"Tibetan Dance" [1984]

Those I swear he played, but my memory gets mixed with what my iPod has been circulating lately, might have included "Funeral" [2005] and "Energy Flow" [1996].

I wanted to see/hear "Tong Poo" from the conjoined baby grands (he programmed a duet with himself, much like seen above in "Bibō No Aozora / 美貌の青空"), but it didn't happen.

I cried. A lot. The joyous kind. I stayed dead silent, but my face was drenched for most of the middle third (namely, with the two songs above with links). I have never felt my body and mind feel that way before, and I may never feel that way again.